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About the Hotel

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Villa Sixteen Hotel in Beas is a premium boutique property in Beas, Amritsar. The hotel has

thirteen rooms with each and every facility one can ask for. 

This meticulously designed Hotel has direct access to various amenities (Coffee Shops, shopping areas,

hospitals, renowned schools and much revered Dera Baba Jaimal Singh, the headquarters of the

Radha Soami sect, all within a radius of two to ten kilometres.

The Golden Temple is a short drive (30 mins) and much visited Jandiala Haveli is also close by. 


All the rooms are designed to meet international standard in quality and

amenities are planned on beautifully landscaped surrounding.

All the units offer a sophisticated environment for serene ambience and modern day living.


Occupants enjoy complete peace of mind with added security and maintenance facilities along

with easy access to all other facilities like Wi-Fi, LEDs, Acs, Shower Cabinets, etc.

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